Routine Chiropractic Visits Eases the Labor Process

Did you know that proper and regular chiropractic care can help alleviate some of the aches and pains of pregnancy? The results speak for themselves. Prenatal chiropractic screenings and treatment benefit the health of both the baby and the soon-to-be mother. It aids in the proper flow of hormones and chemicals being processed in the body, preparing the mother’s and child’s body for childbirth.


Chiropractors are also great in laying out a prenatal wellness plan that helps with posture, relieves pressure from the spine and body, and increases the chances for a safer and easier delivery.


It’s important for women to consider professional chiropractic care before, during and after pregnancy. As a woman’s body changes through pregnancy, the weight of the baby, abdomen, and breasts can add extreme stress on the upper and lower spine. This can lead to further hormone imbalances, bodily pains and negative mental and emotional health. The baby also releases hormones that relax the ligaments in the mother’s body, adding to the possibility of vertebral subluxation in the spine.


With proper chiropractic treatment however, a woman can reduce the need for pain medications before and during labor and improve her emotional and mental wellbeing.

Find Prenatal Chiropractic Care through Elite Chiropractic in Cedar Falls

Be proactive in your prenatal chiropractic care! Dr. Derrick Benner from Elite Chiropractic is the leading chiropractor in the Cedar Valley area. He uses personalized techniques specific to you and your baby’s health. Dr. Benner is trained to help make your pregnancy easier, successful and as natural as it can be.


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