Protect and Enhance Your Body’s Athletic Performance

Chiropractic care is probably one of the most beneficial wellness practices when it comes to sports and athletics. Regular screenings can prevent injuries on and off the track or the field. Treatments and chiropractic techniques can also help the body heal, become more flexible, increase blood flow, and maximize motor functions.


It really doesn’t matter whether you’re active in a sport or are just athletic in your day to day life. Chiropractic techniques boost your body’s performance and ability to recover.

Why is Chiropractic Care Crucial for Athletes?

The reason so many athletes schedule routine visits to the chiropractor is because it works. It doesn’t matter if the patient is a child, student, collegiate or professional athlete. Chiropractors know how to best treat an athlete’s body, as well as their mind and spirit.


It’s this kind of holistic perspective that makes chiropractic methods so popular with athletes today. General health doctors and clinics can’t always make the best call when it comes to sports injuries, but chiropractors are experts in the field and understand how to help your body best perform and recover. It’s a proven method of treatment that’s drug-free and non-invasive.

Rely on Elite Chiropractic in Cedar Falls to Boost Your Athletic Ability

Dr. Derrick Benner is a local to the Cedar Valley and has extensive experience in sports chiropractic methods and techniques. Dr. Benner is a leading expert in the field of athletics and chiropractics. He currently serves as the chiropractor for the University of Northern Iowa’s men and women’s track teams.


So, when it comes right down to it, Chiropractic screenings and treatments are the natural way to promote athletic health. Call our office at 319.277.1819 to schedule your first appointment. Feel free to also reach us through our contact form on our website. No matter how you reach us, we are ready create a wellness plan that meets your specific athletic needs.

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